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pillow shams floral Sunscreen and Bug Spray Station custom anniversary gifts

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While I’;m off enjoying our fabulous Oregon weather at McMenamins Grand Lodge this week, I am thrilled that home girl Jenni from A Well Crafted Party is filling in again! A couple of weeks ago, she taught us how to create a fun party invite using Facebook events and this week she is sharing her expanded Sunscreen and Bug Spray station along with a free printable.

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I love summer. Even at 5 months pregnant and rising?temperatures I have a special place in my heart for these hot summer months. Entertaining?outdoors is my favorite thing to do during the summer, and making sure my guests are?comfortable during their stay is often on my mind when I invite guests over to enjoy the?outdoors. I make sure there are plenty of drinkspillow shams floral, pillows for the hard chairs and shade to sit?under. Most importantly, I make sure my guests have what they need to protect their skin from?sun and bugs.

Last year I shared an easy DIY with Today’s Creative Life ?readers for how to make a Sunscreen Reminder Station.

I made the station to go?inside my house near my front door to hold wipes, sunscreen, sunglasses and hats. We used?it daily for some time until I decided to change up the decor in my living room. I put my reminder?sunscreen somewhere else now, but still wanted to use my little DIY project somewhere in my?house. ? ??

Putting it outside in the bookshelf of our covered porch was the perfect solution! I added some bug repellent options to the sunscreen and made a little sign?so that guests know the items are free to use as needed. Plus, having it right there where?everyone can see it reminds them that they should protect their skin in one way or another.

?You can make your own DIY Sunscreen and Bug Spray Station by creating a project like mine, or by simply putting out a basket or shelf with your?favorite sun and bug protection. Add a framed sign or tags on the products to let guests know?that protection is available.

I love the way a sign can bring together a mash-up of protective products and give them a purpose all while making them look great. I created the?4X6 sized printable to coordinate with my backyard decor, but the yellow and blues?also just scream summer fun to me! I’ve also created the printable in a few other color?combinations so that you can match it up with your outdoor decor or tastes. In addition to the?prints, I’ve created a set of printable tags. You can tag items for guests to share or use them on?favors for guests at a party!

Click here to get your favorite Sunscreen &; Bug Spray Reminder printables.

Printing instructions are on your download!

How do you make your guests comfortable when you?entertain in the summer heat?

Rippling marble effects combined with foliage, intriguing bark textures, organic patterns and mineral colours, on marvellously versatile fabrics; are the perfect way to bring the beauty of nature indoors and create warm but calming Autumn interiors to boot!

I mentioned over on Instagram the other day that the day after Halloween, I took down all of our decorations and put up all of my “Fall” and “Thanksgiving” decor.? But not even a week later, I just got this incredible itch to bring out the Christmas boxes.? So I did.? Well before Thanksgiving!? I don’t know….maybe it’s because there was so much crazy going on during the first part of November and it just felt dreary and sad (I was letting all of the presidential election drama really get to me…..the fighting on both sides was exhausting).? So, I took down the “Fall” decor and started pulling out so many wonderful Christmas memories.? It seriously fixed my mood and made me so happy to celebrate something so special, sacred, and peaceful.? Ahhhhh……Christmas!

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