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pillow shams floral Quick And Easy Last Minute Makeovers For Kitchens funny cushion covers

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Adding festive decorations can help to add a holiday feel to your kitchen this winter, just be careful where you put them. Putting anything on your microwave or cooker is not a good idea and could be a potential fire hazard!

You can also change the theme of the room quickly with a few small changes. For example simply getting a new rug for the kitchen and changing the curtains and blinds can instantly transform the look of the room and add some new colours and textures. Light blue curtains can often work well in the kitchen due to being a cool and calm colourpillow shams floral, which can help counter the hot and stressful feel a Christmas Day kitchen can sometimes have!

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Ready made curtains are a perfect quick fix as all you need to do is hang them from your curtain rails! The new rug is also easy as you can quickly position it on the floor and within minutes you have given the entire room a fresh new look.

If you have a kitchen-diner then adding some festive touches to the table area of your kitchen can also enhance the look of the room. Try matching the place mats and napkins to the colours of your new kitchen curtain and rug. This will help bring the whole room together and create a sense of harmony and balance within the room.

Adding Christmas ornaments around the kitchen can help get the room ready for Christmas period. Often 'less is more' and a few well placed ornaments is more times than not better then too many.

Hopefully you now have some ides of how you can give your kitchen a quick and easy last minute makeover this Christmas. With only a few days to go try to add simple but impactive changes to the room and adding a splash of new colour with a few new pieces of décor can help give the desired effect. So be sure to give your kitchen the attention it deserves during the festive season!

Don't forget that natural decorations such as holly, ivy and mistletoe look superb and of course can be found for 'free' along country lanes!

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