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pillow shams floral Hemp Cording Coasters pillow case baby

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Do you have any hemp cording left over from this project?

If so, how about using the same technique to create some coasters…;

children's decorative pillows

Nice and perfect for your coffee table/end tables.

All swirled nice and tight…;.

Would you like to make your own?

Find some circle cork coasters at your craft store. (I found mine for a couple of dollars at hobby Lobby.)

First, cut away a little notch into the cork…; (do this carefullypillow shams floral, as you don’;t want to break the coaster and cut a big chunk out.)

Then use hot glue to attach the end of the cording to the coaster. (You cut a little notch out so that this end will fit in and won’;t cause too much of a lump from above.)

Then make a line of glue a few inches long at a time, and begin gluing the cording right to the coaster. (Be careful to not burn those little fingers!!)

Continue around the coaster and glue right over top of the end of the cording.

Continue around and around, keeping the rows of cording nice and snug.

Stop right before you get to the end…;..

And without putting glue down, just see how much more of the cording you’;ll need…;…;

Then snip the end off…;…;

Fill the rest of the space with glue and wind up the end right into the center of the coaster. Nice and snug.

Now use up that leftover cording…;..

and protect your furniture from water spots.

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