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pillow shams floral Give Your Home a Mediterranean Makeover funny cushion covers

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The timeless quality and laid back style Mediterranean interior design has made it a long time imitated style in Britain. Holiday makers have been enchanted by themes which evoke feelings of the turquoise ocean, the romance of the setting sun and all the other sights, sounds and smells that make up the Mediterranean style and wanted to bring a piece of it home.

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If it is a Mediterranean feel you wish to recreate in your home then the first thing you will be pleased to hear is that in terms of international design themes, it is amongst the cheapest to recreate. The simplepillow shams floral, laid back approach means Mediterranean homes are kept fairly basic and minimal. Try to pair down the amount of furniture you include in order to keep an airy feel to rooms. In terms of what style of furniture to include, you are free to mix up styles as Mediterranean style covers a broad area, including countries such as Spain, Italy and France. A clever and cost effective way to incorporate the typical wrought iron structures and oversized urns prevalent in Mediterranean design is by visiting your garden centre rather than a furniture store.

Here you will find ornate iron outdoor furniture which could be used as indoor seating with a real Mediterranean feel.

Walls a typically painted terracotta but if this is a little too dark for your tastes or your room is on the small side, opt for sunny shades of lemon or cream. Try to achieve an uneven or washed out finish to the walls by either adding a little water to your paint or by applying it with a “rag-roll” technique.

Tiles should be used extensively throughout the home, with mosaics and terracotta tiles favoured over other styles. Ways to incorporate them are splash-backs, work-tops, floors and even fireplaces and chimney breasts. Mosaics especially, provide a real opportunity to spread vibrant colours like yellows, oranges and reds- all typical of the style.

Include lots of low lighting such as table lamps or floor lamps to create a serene atmosphere with warmth.

Finish off with fabrics to add warmth and comfort- your home may appear sunny inside but it is still Britain outside. Fabric textures should be rough and earthy and contain lots of colour. Cheap fabrics can be used to make cushion covers or cover old settees and you should also add some inexpensive rag rugs for laid back comfort. Dress windows in either natural cotton curtains or a cheap roller blind to allow plenty of light to flood your rooms.

The rustic look of the Mediterranean is one of the most satisfying design styles to use in your home. Though extremely cheap and simple, its results can be stunning. It requires no decorating skill or experience and therefore a perfect style to adopt for first time buyers or people with hectic lifestyles. With a little creativity and elbow grease, your home can benefit from all of the romance, colour and vibrancy that make the Mediterranean style such a popular choice.

In addition to working on, I also edit Through the Needle, BERNINA of America’s online magazine.? Jane Crowley’s “Magical Paradox”?article in Issue #15?(pages 4-7)?was my introduction to Zentangle? designs, and I’ve been drawing them ever since. They’re addicting! And have been an easy and relaxing way to work on my sadly-neglected drawing skills. (Thank-you, Jane and Delia, for getting me started!)

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