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pillow shams floral Choosing a New BBQ funny cushion covers

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A BBQ is a fantastic home addition. Not only does it increase your living space by providing an al fresco dining area during summer months but it also gives you good excuse to enjoy a few drinks in the sunshine- as if you needed one! There are now quite a few different types of BBQ on the market- each with its own strengths and weaknesses, so prior to making a trip to your local outdoor furniture store, a little time spent thinking about what exactly you require from yours will result in a success summer.

If your list of demands consists only of “1. Hot food”, try a little harder! For instance do you have children or pets? If sopillow shams floral, safety will be a paramount concern. Will you inviting half of the neighbourhood for tea or is it just a BBQ for two which you require? Is design important? Function? Fancy gizmos? Do you want a gas or coal powered burner? Admit it, there’s more to this than you thought!

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If you don’t intend to use your BBQ often it makes sense to spend less and choose a small, easily stored away type. This is also a fantastic option for those who like to travel or go on family camping holidays as you will be able to take it with you.

A fantastic money saving option is to build your own. Not only will this mean you more money lefty to spend on burgers and sausages, but it also ensures you get exactly what you want as you can tailor it to suit your needs and the amount of people it needs to serve whilst building something that fits in perfectly with its surroundings. Building a BBQ couldn’t be simpler, start with a simple brick base built to the height of the cook’s waist in a U formation.

The beauty of this is that you can use the same bricks as the ones that make up your garden wall or house, minimalist fans could even plaster or concrete over theirs to give a perfectly smooth finish. Once you have created your base all you need is a cast iron tray and grill which will sit on top.

For those wanting something akin to a sports car, something that they can show off to friends, you are in luck! BBQs have made massive advances over the years and are now available with a wide variety of features such as:

Side burners - Ideal for heating sauces and cooking vegetables

Warming racks - Essential when cooking large amounts of food as you can use them to keep food warm and to warm up bread and buns

Griddle - Ideal for frying food that might otherwise slip through a grill, such as cocktail sausages and eggs

BBQ lids/hoods - Barbecue lids - when closed - improve heat circulation around the food. Lids also act as a useful windbreak

BBQ tool set - A barbecue tool set usually consists of a turner, tongs and a barbecue fork

Grill basket - A grill basket can help to prevent smaller items from falling through the grill, and makes it easier to turn fish and kebabs.

Once your BBQ is chosen all you need to do next is choose the piny that defines your cooking style- white fabric for chefs, art nouveau for artistes!

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Giving your tired and old kitchen a makeover doesn't have to be expensive. Why not try painting your kitchen cabinets a different colour? Red is great if you want a really bold and striking change.

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