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pillow shams floral Building a terrarium with The Design Files accent pillow case baby

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In the final part of our series with The Design Files, Lucy gives us the ultimate guide on building a terrarium.

With indoor plants taking a turn in the spotlight, it’s time to learn how to create your own terrarium. Bringing the outdoors in has a myriad of benefits, from lowering stress levels to improving your sleeppillow shams floral, just to name a few. Lucy Feagins of The Design Files gives us some insider tips on how to build the perfect terrarium.

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Ensuring you have the right tools to begin with is important. Firstly, use Lucy’s checklist when shopping for your terrarium.

You will need:

Small gardening shovel Brown paper Pebbles or river stones Water spray can Potting mix Spagnum moss Activated or horticultural charcoal Plants

Spread a thick layer of pebbles on the base of your terrarium. Lay a piece of brown paper over the top, ensuring it’s just the right size so it can be easily hidden under the soil.


Soak your moss in a little water, and layer over the brown paper.Sprinkle charcoal over the top, this helps with drainage and ensures your terrarium won’t get water logged.


Finally, the soil. Go for a thick layer of rich potting mix.


And now it’s time to plant. Choose a combination of different plants and also add decorative rocks, stones or other tiny objects.Be careful not to over water, one spray a week is all it needs.

Viewthe full video on how to build your terrarium below.


In addition to working on, I also edit Through the Needle, BERNINA of America’s online magazine.? Jane Crowley’s “Magical Paradox”?article in Issue #15?(pages 4-7)?was my introduction to Zentangle? designs, and I’ve been drawing them ever since. They’re addicting! And have been an easy and relaxing way to work on my sadly-neglected drawing skills. (Thank-you, Jane and Delia, for getting me started!)

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