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pillow shams floral Build Your Own Treadmill Desk {Joe’s Corner no. 2} pillow covers farmhouse

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I am happy to be turning the blog back over to my better half, Joe, again today, so that he can teach you how to make your very own treadmill desk. In case you missed Joe's Corner debut, you can check out his awesome DIY floating shelves tutorial HERE.

A bit of background before the much less verbose Joe gets your attention…; One day while I was at work, I was thinking about how I can possibly continue to fit in exercise in my busy life of working full-time, raising our twin girls AND blogging. I remember thinkingpillow shams floral, “;I wish I could exercise while I blog.”; About 30 seconds later, I sent Joe an email asking him to build me a treadmill desk. He's pretty bad about checking his email, so I followed-up with a text. After reading my email, he texted me back. This is what transpired.

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Can you believe he thought I was kidding?! The good news is he came around and, rock star husband that he is, built me what has become one of my most PRIZED possessions–;my treadmill desk! And, he did it in just a few minutes with scrap wood while he was home with the girls one day. Did I mention he is amazing? So, I will now shut up so you can get to the good part!

Hi. I'm back. I'll keep this brief since Tasha is so long-winded. This project is quick and easy.

Materials Needed for 1 Treadmill Desk:

Steps to build your treadmill desk:

1) First measure the distance between your treadmill handles. Mine was around 33”. I wanted a little over hang so I cut the 1 x 6” pine boards at 36”.

2) Next measure your computer to see how deep you need the desk to be. We have a 13” Mac Book Pro and felt comfortable with around 21” of desk space. This allows for plenty of room for the computer as well as room for your wrists to rest on the desk. To get the desired depth, I used 3 pieces of 1 x 6” pine (all cut to 36″; in length).

3) Now, you have to do to attach the boards together. I have a Kreg Jig pocket hole set and this was the perfect application for it. If you plan on building other furniture, etc., I recommend getting one. I wish I purchased one years ago. If you are not much of a woodworker you can still complete this project by just screwing the boards into the 2 x 4’s, it will just be a little less sturdy and will have less of a finished appearance. Using the Kreg set I drilled three holes into two of the boards. I drilled one hole in the middle and one on each end.

4) Next, lay your boards on a flat surface and butt the long ends of the boards together. Keeping the joints flush, screw the pocket screws in until the boards pull tightly together.

5) Next, you need to determine a comfortable height for your desk. This really depends on the height of whoever will be using it. For us a 2 x 4 would raise the desk to the perfect height for Tasha to type comfortably while on the treadmill. I cut two 2 x 4s to 9” and screwed each one into the desk surface (made with the 1 x 6” pine boards). The side rails on our treadmill are 32“ apart so I made sure the 2 x 4s were centered on the rails while I decided on their placement. I marked where they needed to sit with a pencil and then screwed them into place, using a counter-sink drill bit to pre-drill the holes.

7) To fasten the desk to the treadmill I used some leftover velcro and stapled it to the bottom of each 2 x 4. I also placed felt pads on the bottom of the 2 x 4s to ensure the desk would not rock or move around.

It really was an easy project. Even Attley and Avery got involved, as you can see. And Tasha loves the thing. She still wants to “;pretty it up”; eventually, but it does exactly what she needs it to do.

Before I go, allow me to answer the question that is probably on your mind—;did I build this in our very ugly, outdated bathroom? Yes, I did. Because the treadmill is in our master bedroom and, though ugly, our bathroom is spacious and the tile allows for easy clean-up. I am a practical man.

I hope to see you back for the next edition of Joe's Corner. Let me know if you have any questions.

*A big thanks to Jo-Ann and Cricut for sending me the supplies to make today’s project! All opinions and hair brained ideas are 100% mine.. this post contains affiliate links**?

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