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floral pillow cases Quick and Easy Mantel Refresh pillow covers farmhouse

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Using painter’;s tape or masking tape, tape off a grid.? I would recommend using no more than 10 inches between grid lines.

Side note if your wallpaper is a light color: Don’;t use dark tape on light walls and expect the light wallpaper to cover it.? I learned this the hard way with my first go-round and had blue lines that could be seen through the wallpaper.

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Place small pieces of double-sided tape on the masking tape.? Make sure to use plenty of tape!

Just like you would when hanging regular wallpaper, cut a length of paper.? Start at one endfloral pillow cases, and smooth the paper against the wall as you work your way to the other end.

** Source:? I used this wallpaper**

I went the extra step of securing the ends of the wallpaper with extra masking tape.? This gave me a smoother finish with the wallpaper.

I added this oak trim that you can measure and cut at The Home Depot yourself. ?It’;s really easy to do, and you get exactly what you need.

Paint the wood to coordinate with your wallpaper.? In this case, I just used white interior latex paint and a dry brush technique.

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Here’s a note from Gail Garber, quiltmaker, teacher, author, birder, and BERNINA National Artisan:

Welcome those tired travellers into your home by turning that dull, uninviting spare bedroom into a haven of warmth and cheer. By changing a few basics, transformation can be simple, and you will even find yourself wanting to lie down with a good book.

This post was originally published in July 2011 and updated March 2019.

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