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floral pillow cases

floral pillow cases Made to Create- Sewing Machine Accessories Series decorative pillow shams

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Today I’;m kicking off a series of posts on sewing techniques using presser feet and other sewing machine tools, based on a group of pillows made about a year and a half ago by the Education Department. Each participant in the Made to Create project was assigned a two presser feet or tools and could add more as desired. Here’;s a list of pillow-makers and their assignments –?see if you can guess who made each pillow as you scroll through the photos. It’;s not always obvious!?

I’;ll give you a detailed “;tour”; of one pillow every few weeks. Watch for the first one later this month!?

boudoir pillow cases

Did you guess which one is mine? Hint: I added Ruffler #86.

Hello gorgeous!

This morning I am thinking that all things fall sound pretty good. We started several projects this weekend and if you haven’t already started your own, don’t forget to look at my 15 Favorite 1 Hour or Less Fall Projects! In between fall project planning this weekend, we updated our kitchen island pendants– I couldn’t wait to show you!

Mink is actually a dark shade of brown, almost black in colour and really gives a warm atmosphere when contrasted against lighter colours. As this is indeed quite a bold colour, you must try to ensure that you don’t over-do it. Instead, use mink as a way to compliment and break up large plain walls or as the base colour for a room. If you are considering redecorating your living room, the first thing you need to look at are the main and most prominent pieces of furniture; this may be your three piece suite.

floral pillow cases
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