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floral pillow cases DIY Corduroy Headband customized gifts for mom

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We’;ve madeBraided HeadbandsandCrochet Bow Headbands, but I like fabric wrap headbands with elastic the best. This one doesn’;t HAVE to be corduroy, but that fabric holds it’;s shape well and is cozy warm for winter. I made this one Scarlet-sized but I think I have to make one for myself because it would be a pretty good Hot Mess Mommy wardrobe edition.This is a super quick projectfloral pillow cases, get the full Corduroy Headband DIYafter the jump!DIY Corduroy Headband Tutorial

1. Wash, iron and cut your fabric. For almost-2-year-old Scarlet I cut a rectangle 6″; X 15″;. I got the butterfly fabric at Joanne’;s, but how cute would it be in this owl corduroy?2. Fold it in half along the length, then again along with width and draw your shape on it, like so:

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3. Unfold it and it looks like this:Place it right side down. Fold each side edge in 1/4″; and iron and sew in place. No need to fold it twice for a clean hem, you’;re going to fold it again later.

4. Now fold the whole thing in half right sides facing and pin like so:Sew in place.5. Turn it inside out (if you need help figuring out how, use the safety pin method described in the DIY Booster Seat Tutorial). Iron it with the seam to the middle on one side. You’;ll notice it curves a little, that’;s so it fits around your noggin.6. Hold it up to your model’;s head and determine the length of elastic you need. Cut a piece 1/2″; longer then that. Fold in each end of the headband another 1/4″; and insert the elastic into the hole and pin.Sew in place.


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