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floral pillow cases Choosing Your Board and Batten Style pillow covers farmhouse

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Here’;s a little peek at our new space:

Board and batten is a type of wainscoting, that has grown in popularity recently with the farmhouse decor and cottage trends. I love it, because it instantly adds character to any room, without looking too fussy.

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I’;m not going to reinvent the wheel here when it comes to DIY tutorials. Here are a few of my favorite, and I think they are all essential reading before your tackle any DIY paneled project, no matter how big or small:

At some pointfloral pillow cases, your board and batten wall will meet up with your baseboards, window and door trim, and and other edging or details on your walls. Carefully consider this before your start making your wall. The biggest consideration here is how to handle your baseboard trim, since your boards will often be thicker than your trim. This leaves you with 3 options:

(Yep, the trim along that back wall is white, and that door has seen much better days. Oh, the joys of living in an old home!)

There are basically two options for board and batten wall, with minor tweaks here and there:

Here’;s my spacing and colors. I ultimately chose Sherwin Williams “;Repose Gray”;. Keep in mind, I did the white paneling on all of our living room, entry space, and hallway. Because I chose to do two horizontal boards, I will hang larger, less busy items on the wall above.

This really depends on 1) your personal preference, and 2) the size and scale of your space. Most vertical battens are spaced between 16 and 20 inches apart. You also have to decide the spacing of your horizontal boards. I’;m a very visual person, so…;

Even if you absolutely know what spacing and arrangement you want, I still highly recommend this step. It’;s super simple: tape off the placement of your boards with masking tape. If you’;re debating between two spacing options, tape one option on one wall and the other option on the other wall. Walk away for a day, and then come back to it. Which option are your drawn to?

Aside from painting and refinishing our stairs, this was the first BIG house project I tackled in our new house. You can follow along on our home’;s journey and see my before/after photos in this Home Tour Blog Post.

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